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Cold Cuts

Grazing Boards

Indulge in the sheer delight of a mouthwatering grazing board that tantalizes the senses with an array of delectable flavors and textures. For a sweet affair, picture a tantalizing spread of luscious chocolates, juicy seasonal fruits, velvety cheesecakes, and artisanal pastries. If savory is your preference, envision a captivating ensemble of fine cheeses, savory cured meats, crisp crackers, tangy dips, and an assortment of olives and pickles. Whichever the event, this grazing board is a sensory masterpiece that promises to satisfy every palate and create an unforgettable culinary experience.

Childrens Food

Childrens Individual

12cm Platters

*Shaped Ham Sandwich

*Mini Pizza

*Mini Scotch Eggs

*Cucumber and Carrot Battons

*Mini Tomatoes

*Cheesy Ball Crisps

*Shaped Cheese Slices

*Cocktail Sausages


12 euros each

Adults Buffet Food

Adults 50cm Savoury Cheese Platter

*Selection of cheeses

*Iberian Ham 

*Green & Black Olives

*Stuffed Sweet Peppers


*Selection of Meats

*Sausage Rolls

*Mozzarella Balls

*Cheese Crackers

Feeds 12 Adults  

100 euros


Party Food Children

Themed 50cm Sweet Only Platter

*Selection of Crisps

*Selection of Themed Chocolates

*Selection of Jelly Sweets

*Selection of Cakes

*Selection of Biscuits


Feeds 20 children

80 euros


Buffet Adults Food

Adults 50cm Savoury & Sweet Platter

*Selection of Cheese

*Selection of Cold Meats

*Blueberries & Raspberris

*Green & Red Grapes


*Sausage Rolls

*Mini Scotch Eggs

*Home Made Dips

*Mini Rainbow Tomatoes

*Chocolate Cake

*Mini Gherkins


*Vegetable Battons

Feeds 12 Adults

110 euros


Sandwich Buffet

Delux 50cm Sandwich Platter

*Ham & Mustard Mayo

*Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

*Tuna & Sweetcorn

*Egg Mayo & Watercress

*Mature Cheddar Cheese with Sourcream & Chive

*Selection of Crisps

Feeds up to 10 Adults

90 euros

Sweet and Savoury Buffet Marbella catering

Half & Half 50cm Platter

*Selection of Biscuits

*Selection of Chocolates

*Selection of Jelly Sweets

*Selection of Cakes

*Selection of Berries

*Cheese Board

*Selection of Meats

*Green & Black Olives


*Sundried Tomatoes

*Cherry Rainbow Tomatoes

*Chilli Nuts



Feeds 12 Adults

115 euros


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