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Floral Design

Transform your special occasions into a dream with our exquisite floral designs. Whether it's a wedding, party, or any event, we create enchanting arrangements that capture the essence of elegance. We help by complementing your celebration's every detail. Floral artistry is what makes your day beautiful.


Small Bouquets

Stunning floral bouquets, small but sweet

From €75.00

Bridesmaids Dresses

Large Bouquets

These large bouquets are breathtaking. You can have the posey style or cascading effect, Boho or modern chic.  

From 150.00

Flower Arrangements

Centre Pieces

Exquisite floral table centerpieces cascading delicately in artful arrangements. We have many options to choose from, we will dicuss your theme and dress the tables to impress.

From €65.00


Button Holes

Buttonholes, miniature bursts of floral grace, nestled against lapels. We can create in any colour scheme and add a touch of glamour to your attire.

From €12

Wedding Table Setting

Table Garlands

Lush and verdant, floral table garlands weave nature's tapestry across tabletops. Cascading foliage and blooms entwine, creating a vibrant embrace of beauty. A seamless fusion of elegance and enchantment, beckoning guests into a world of botanical wonder.

From €55.00 per meter

Tall Floral Display.jpg

Tall Centre Pieces

Tall floral centerpieces stand tall, commanding attention with grace. Towering blooms reach for the heavens, delicate petals caressed by gentle breezes. A breathtaking spectacle, exuding elegance and grandeur, illuminating every event with floral splendor.

From €150.00

Cocktail Table Poseys

Cocktail table floral posies, petite and captivating, rest atop tables like enchanting jewels. Adorned with dainty blooms and foliage, they radiate whimsy and charm. A delightful conversation starter, adding a touch of floral magic to intimate gatherings.

From €15.00

Pedestal Flower.jpg

Pedestal Arrangements

Pedestal floral arrangements, majestic and regal, grace their elevated perches. Blooms and greenery intertwine in a symphony of colors and textures, emanating opulence and sophistication. A captivating centerpiece, commanding attention and bestowing an air of botanical splendor.

From €350.00



Floral chair decor adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any setting. Adorned with fresh blooms and lush greenery, it creates a captivating and inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

From €40.00

Ballon Decor.jpg

Pool Ballons

Pool balloons bring a playful and colorful vibe to any poolside gathering. Floating on the water's surface, they create a festive atmosphere and add a touch of fun and excitement to the pool experience.

From €350.00

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