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Tablescaping Dinner party


Tablescaping is a breathtaking art form that transforms a simple table into a captivating masterpiece. It entails meticulously curating an enchanting symphony of colors, textures, and elements that dance harmoniously together. From ethereal table linens adorned with delicate lace to exquisite centerpieces blooming with vibrant flowers, every detail is thoughtfully chosen to create an atmosphere of refined beauty. With a touch of creativity and finesse, tablescaping elevates the dining experience, enchanting guests with its spellbinding charm and leaving them in awe of the visual feast before them.

Spring Table

Easter or Spring themed table in pinks, yellows, pastel blues, bunnies, easter eggs, floral plates, napkins, bows & seasonal flowers to be enjoyed when the sun comes back out and the daffodils start to bloom.

Fully designed and heavily decorated for your spring parties

From €100.00


Summer Table

Summer themed table in a variety of bold colours of your choice, flowers, pretty plates & accessories, that will shine under the summer rays whilst you celebrate the warmth of the sun and sip cocktails in the long summer evenings.

Fully designed and heavily decorated for your summer bbq's & parties by the pool

From €100.00

Autumn tablescape dinner party

Autumn Table

Autumn themed table or a scary Halloween! ideal for your parties as the evenings draw in and the log fires are burning.  Accessories and plates in warm oranges, greens and soft browns.

Fully designed and heavily decorated for your Autumn dinner  parties when the leaves start to fall

From €100.00

Christmas tablescape dinner party

Winter Table

Christmas themed table for the  month  of December, wow your guests with the elves and reindeers that hide amongst the woodland that will fill your table and bring the beauty of the festive month to your home.

Fully designed and heavily decorated for your winter and Christmas parties

From €100.00


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